Ramblin Women’s Travel Guide: Birmingham & Nashville

Road trip time! We headed up to Nashville by way of Birmingham for some work and fun. Below are our top places to see, eat and explore. Hit the road y’all!

Nashville Birmingham Travel Guide | Dominique Ellis


Post Office Pies (Avondale, AL)

Leave it to Garden & Gun to kickstart our first meal on the road off right with this stellar recommendation. Operating out of an old post office, this pizza joint did not disappoint. They have amazing deals on lunch time personal pizzas and all their beer is from the very good Avondale Brewery next door. Also noteworthy, the rosemary lemonade. postofficepies.com

Nashville Birmingham Travel Guide | Dominique Ellis


Nashville Birmingham Travel Guide | Dominique Ellis

Burger Up (Nashville, TN)

Let us note that no roadtrip is complete without discovering a new burger joint. With a chic interior, amazing cocktails and a community dining experience, we spent a couple of amazing hours in Burger Up. Order the Ramsey Pimento Cheese Burger. Trust me on this one. I am still having dreams about it. burger-up.com

Rolf and Daughters (Nashville, TN)

I’d heard people talk about Rolf and Daughters for weeks in anticipation of this trip. Oh man, it was hands down the best meal I’ve had in years. Their menu is seasonal but everything is delicious and original (helllloooo winter vegtable almond milk ceasar salad with pickled anchovies!) Their signature dishes are pasta based and are not to be passed up. Also, the Absinthe Father cocktail. Just order it and thank me later. rolfanddaughters.com


Nashville Birmingham Travel Guide | Dominique Ellis




Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery (Nashville, TN)

Our Sunday Funday found us visiting this small distillery where we discovered not only their amazing whiskey and bourbon but a great family story. Turns out the current owners, a pair of brothers, went to nearby Green Brier to stop in a butcher shop they’d been hearing a lot about and spotted a landmark with their grandfather’s name on it. Digging into records unearthed that the family was once the owner of a whiskey distillery that out sold Jack Daniels back in the day. The brothers have since reopened a distilery honoring their family’s contribution to the whiskey traditions of Tennesee. We had a blast at their tasting bar and sampling the family goods. Worth the stop. greenbrierdistillery.com

Dram (Birmingham, AL)

We stopped for the night in Birmingham and warmed up from the arctic blast that covered everything in ice in this cozy, wood filled whiskey bar (sensing a theme here?) Dram was suggested to us by a Southern Living editor and was the perfect spot for some unwinding after driving all day. We ordered the classics – an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan. Both were delicious. dramwhiskeybar.com

Nashville Birmingham Travel Guide | Dominique Ellis


Revelator (Birmingham, AL)

“But first coffee.”  We’ve been following the launch of Revelator for a while (their headquarters are in NOLA) so we were excited to pop in their flagship store in Bham. Clean lines and modern touches to the interior made for a great and open minded start to our morning of meetings. Plus, the latte art was on point. revelatorcoffee.com


Fido (Nashville, TN)

That 3pm drag is a beast to deal with sometimes. Time for a one-up! We stopped in Fido for a little caffiene pick me up. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned they are more than happy to make their signature lattes (I got the Lumberjack with maple and butter) with almond milk. Lactose intolerants rejoice! bongojava.com/fido-cafe



Peter Nappi (Nashville, TN)

Our travel buddy Jen was pretty stoked to visit Peter Nappi on this trip. Unfortunately some business meetings kept us late and when we arrived they were closing down early for a private event. But oh my god the interiors! They let us in for a bit to look around and promised to make it worth our while next time we came in (so sweet!) Their shoes are amazing enough but I literally could have just moved into their store right then and there. Rustic, modern and classic all at once. I’ll definitely be going back. peternappi.com

Nashville Birmingham Travel Guide | Dominique Ellis

Book Man Book Woman (Nashville, TN)

Owned by a married couple, Book Man Book Woman is arguably Music City’s best know independant bookstore. We stopped in to share the latest novel from our client Alys Arden and had a delightful afternoon lost in their shrine to the written word. bookmanbookwoman.com

Savant (Nashville, TN)

We spent all day Saturday on the oh so cute South 12th Street frantically shooting the new lines of Flying Fox’s handbags. We rented the adorable apartment that was located behind Savant, Nashville’s most talked about thrift shop. Holy motherload! Between the old tin campside mugs, lace shawls and rows and rows of cowboy boots I was in vintage heaven.

 Nashville Birmingham Travel Guide | Dominique Ellis

Downtown Franklin, TN

On a misty Monday we spent a lovely afternoon traversing the adorable streets of downtown Franklin, TN in between meetings. Filled to the brim with historic landmarks dating back to the 1700s, the downtown square is filled with chic boutiques and one of a kind vintage stores. Top recommendations: ReDo, Landmark Booksellers, The Iron Gate, The Shop Around The Corner.

Nashville Birmingham Travel Guide | Dominique Ellis

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