Interview: Genevieve Douglas of KINDRED Studios



Genevieve Douglas is no stranger to striking out on her own. When the publicist and owner of Uptown PR became a mother she found herself having a hard time keeping her active lifestyle with a little one in tow. Enter KINDRED Studios on Magazine Ave in uptown New Orleans. Geniveve’s philosphy for the lifestyle studio was simple  – KINDRED focuses on fitness and wellness in an upscale boutique environment, for both parent and baby, from prenatal to postpartum phases of parenthood.

The space is airy and collaborative and inviting. I stopped in to chat with Genevieve to get the story behind the studio, what’s next for her and KINDRED and find out what makes her tick. Check out the Q&A below and stop in KINDRED for their next class or event.


KINDRED StudiosName: Genevieve Douglas

Title: Founder & Owner of KINDRED Studios

What led you to start KINDRED?

As a busy, new mom living in the Uptown area of New Orleans and adjusting to my new life as a parent and young professional, I was trying to continue my pre-baby life as much as possible while incorporating my daughter into it.

I also saw a demand from other moms looking for interactive activities for a working parents’ schedule. I thought to myself, why isn’t there a common space that is modern and appealing that caters to both working parents and those with a more flexible schedule? Also, as a working parent, any free time I have, I want to spend with my daughter. I would feel guilty spending time working out when I could spend that time with her. This concept allows parents to do something for themselves while spending time with their little ones.

What sets KINDRED apart from other fitness and lifestyle studios?

Well I don’t know any other lifestyle studios, do you? 😉 We describe KINDRED as a “lifestyle studio” because it is way more than just a fitness studio. While we do offer prenatal and baby/tot-friendly yoga, barre, ballet and indoor cycling classes, KINDRED also encompasses wellness, play, juice & coffee and shopping in an upscale boutique environment for modern parents and their babies. We have a padded Romp Room for play suitable for little ones ages 0-3, cold-pressed juices and coffees from Sprout & Press as well as shopping from Zuka Baby. The studio offers multiple breastfeeding and postpartum support groups monthly as well as a nutrition workshop once a month. And bonus: KINDRED also has FREE Wi-Fi for working parents on the go.

What’s a typical day at the studio like for you?

Honestly, it’s a lot of straightening up (setting toys back up in the Romp Room & windexing baby smudges off our mirrors & glass baby gates) and team building with our instructors. We make sure to do a clever Insta post & we’ve been trying to Periscope our classes. But my favorite thing is to welcome a new parent to the studio and tell them what we’re all about. I’m happiest when we have a full class and there are babies all over the studio. It’s like the world’s cutest job.

Describe your work style in three words.

Detailed. Over-analyzed (is that 2 words?). Strategic.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

If it doesn’t scare you (at least a little), don’t do it.

What’s next for you and KINDRED?

Our bike seats are patent-pending and I’d like to pursue product development with those. I hope to make our Uptown location a great success so that we can expand to other areas and eventually franchise.






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*photos supplied by KINDRED Studios