For Those Who [Power] Lunch – New Orleans edition

Let’s face it, sometimes your desk can be constraining. If you’re looking to step outside the office your lunch break (or late afternoon into happy hour) can be the perfect time to get the old creative juices going. Whether it’s a solo project you’re working on or a collaborative meeting, a space with great wifi, strong coffee, tasty bites and a cool atmosphere is a must. Check out a few of ALH’s top choices for spaces in New Orleans to help you make that boring lunch break into a power lunch.

Pagoda Cafe

Pagoda Cafe

Pagoda has two of my favorite things for a pleasant out-of-office work experience. Simply put – ample outdoor seating and bacon. More specifically rye toast topped with figs, ricotta cheese and crispy bacon. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds. Nestled off Broad Street in Mid City, the small shop offers a variety of breakfast and lunch options with hella good coffee. They only have outside seating and the bar, picnic and cafe tables lend themselves to great networking with your fellow power lunchers. Head on over for a jolt of caffeine and Vitamin D.



Wayfare |Dominique Ellis

Wayfare’s reputation as a crowd pleaser precedes it with rotating specials, well-portioned apps, and signature dishes like the Knuckle Sandwich. With an upscale diner vibe and even a proud shrine to its homemade pickles and sauces, this modern gastro pub works hard to make sure it has something for everyone.  Feel free to sidle up to the bar and pop open that laptop. Wifi is free and powerful. If you stay past 4:00 pm, be sure to order their Grey Goose Pear 75 cocktail during happy hour for just $4. (It’s pretty much sophistication in a glass.)



Church Alley Coffee Bar |Dominique Ellis

Sometimes you just want to settle in at an old rustic table and a soft, deep sofa and bang out that latest report in peace and comfort. Church Alley is the place to do this. The owner, who prides herself on creating an inviting and conversation inducing space for her patrons, serves roasts and blends not served anywhere else in NOLA as well as delicious locally sourced small plates. Get the lunch special – a cucumber, avocado, pickled radish, and goat cheese panini with side salad and a warm cup of pour over coffee – and stay a while. With a rotating coffee menu you’ll always find something you’ll like here.



Il Posto |Dominique Ellis

This quaint cafe specializes in crafting delicious Italian-themed foods like paninis, antipastos, and soups. Initially only open for lunch, Il Posto has since expanded their hours, which means it’s lunchtime, all the time. The internet never quits and they’re more than happy to keep your coffee (or tea) mug full and warm as you meet those deadlines like the boss you are. Pro tip: order the Adventure grilled cheese. (Three words: Gorgonzola, honey and walnuts.)



Press Street Station |Dominique Ellis

Confession: sometimes one needs a decadent meal to inspire you to greatness. When you’re looking for a lunch that makes you feel like you’re not stuck smack dab in the middle of the workweek head on over to Press Street Station. Forget it’s Wednesday and pretend it’s Friday. If the space alone doesn’t inspire you to lofty ideas, the food will. Ricotta Gnocchi and BBQ Moules Frites top my list of hubba-hubba inducing plates. This place is perfect for impressing your lunch dates and will help you make it a meeting to remember.



HiVolt |Dominique Ellis

Known for its modern, monochromatic interior and some of New Orleans’ most sought-after coffee, teas and snacks, HiVolt checks all the boxes when it comes to seeking the perfect spot for productivity. It’s basically NOLA’s version of Cheers in coffee shop form. You’re bound to see someone you know and can also get a little star gazing in as well (we’re looking at you, American Horror Story cast.) With healthy meals and special vegan options, this hotspot is a must for foodies everywhere. That being said, we strongly recommend the Ozzie plate for a hearty breakfast and their gluten free muffins as a light snack.


Irish House

Irish House New Orleans |Dominique Ellis

On occasion you’re going to want more than that same old lunchtime sandwich and tea. Have no fear, Irish House is here! When you need a decent sized plate of carbs (fish & chips please!) and a pint to keep those creative juices flowing this is the place to go. Airy and welcoming, the place is decked out like a traditional Irish Pub but has a large bar and traditional restaurant area and they are very welcoming to laptops at either location. Plus, the traditional Irish jigs playing and the kind staff make it most hospitable. So stay till 4pm and order two pints. You deserve it.