Apple And The Power Of Listening

*This post originally appeared on Talent Zoo’s Beneah The Brand blog.



Finding your niche is the goal of any brand. With the death of Steve Jobs (may his greatness be always remembered) there is a plethora of articles and blogs out on Apple’s branding tactics over the years and how those efforts helped to grow one of the most successful and well-recognized companies throughout the world.

We all remember those first commercials for the iPod, with the colorful outlines of dancers breaking it down to The Fratellis and Jets tunes. They made us all want to run out and be one of the cool kids with the white earbud cords hanging around our necks. Not to mention the epic success of Justin Long’s Mac vs. PC commercials.

One of the best things a company can do is listen to its customers. Apple took this one step further and really got into the psyche of not only their current customers but the people who wanted a personal computer yet just didn’t fit the PC mold. They listened and they gave them a better option.

Mashable reported this morning that a new study has shown that Apple users are more generous than their PC, Android, and Blackberry counterparts when it comes to giving to charity and social causes. Part of branding is taking that sort of data and applying it to your marketing tactics. The study found that while “the world’s 400 million Windows users donate more than its 80 million Apple users in total, but the Apple users take a 20% share of all donations — twice their share of the market.”

So what does this say about a brand’s followers? Sure, Windows users may outnumber Apple users and they may, in total, give more in donations. The difference is that a majority of those PC user donations come from a small group of people, while Apple users on the whole give more as group. Apple users are a more generous crowd, plugged into social matters and causes that they feel deserve their support.

Apple has cultivated and grown its brand and taken a generation of lifelong customers along with it. By honing in on not just the purchasing preferences but also the lifestyle choices, personalities, and passions of its customers Apple has become one of the most successful brands of all time, causing people to distinguish themselves as Mac users.

Has your brand listened to its customers lately? Really listened? Do you know their personalities? Getting to know them could just be the key to your success.