Interview: Mignon Faget

Mignon Faget


Last week Hattie, Julia and I were treated to a most inspiring peek inside the creative world of Mignon Faget. Since I can remember, my grandmother, aunts, mother and just about every New Orleans lady I can recall has worn, adored and raved about Mignon Faget’s jewelry and home designs. A New Orleans legend, Mignon got her start in her native NOLA back in 1969 with the launch of her first ready-to-wear collection. Inspired by nature and architecture, her designs have gained recognition across the country. As a woman entrepreneur, Mignon paved the way for creative ladies here in the Crescent City. Also, turns out she was the first person ever to advertise on streetcars on the St. Charles line!

After touring her space (OMG her office!) and trying on some of her and her son’s designs we sat down with Mignon to get the scoop on what inspires her. Enjoy!


Mignon Faget

You’ve become such an iconic style, especially in New Orleans. How do you stay inspired each day?

I stay tuned to things of interest and things of concern and things of beauty.

As you know, we like to feature woman-owned businesses on A Little Happy. As a woman who runs her own show, what advice would you offer to other women entrepreneurs?

Invent an idea based on what you love to do or touch or hear.

Can you describe your style for us?

Simplicity and quality elegance and always some whimsy!


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