Halloween Decor For Adults

I love the Fall decor season. My adoration of pumpkins notwithstanding, I mostly love the Fall season because it means Halloween is here and I can indulge in my desire to fill my house with all things gothic and not feel guilty about it (see inspiration room at left). Now I like a creep-tastic decor scheme as much as the next person but I tend to dislike buying plastic, overly gimmicky items just because it’s the time when all things haunted are on trend. I prefer a rich, gothic and darkly romantic palate in my house. So to get in the mood this All Hallows Eve I decided to round up a collection of items that I’m lusting after. What I like most about these items is that they have that slightly eerie feeling but still retain a little panache. Separately they can be used year round but when paired together they give off a luxe and romantic feel with just the right amount of spook.

Screen-shot-2013-10-21-at-11.06.04-PMHalloween Decor For Adults

1.) Candelabra Bottle Stopper – Anthropologie $68

2.) Threshold Scalloped Frame – Target $13

3.) Initial Hook – H&M $3.99

4.) Anatomy Magnets – Etsy $5.99

5.) Ox Skull On Stand – ZGallerie $70

6.) Bone Shark Box – Furbish Studio $28

7.) Natural History Art Insect Print – Etsy $18

8.) Candle – H&M $6.40 [/left][right]

 9.) Patricia Jewel Box – ZGallerie $24.95

10.) Sea Shell Brooch – Etsy $16

11.) Caricature Knob – Anthropologie $8

12.) Cast Metal Taper Candle Holders – WestElm $9.99 – $24.99

13.) Rustic Wood Arrows – Etsy $54

14.) Bestiary Desk Decor – Anthropologie $18

15.) Striped Cushion Cover – H&M $6.50

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