Cause I Needed Out: Mobile, AL Travel Guide

For reasons far too long to explain it was just time. It was suddenly and urgently apparent – you need the road. You need to leave. Go young woman. FLEE.

Some back history – I used to live in Mobile, AL. Truth be told it is, to this day, the place I lived for the longest, un-interrupted stretch of time. Which, for an army raised nomad like me is saying something. I don’t know if it was the lure of paths-once-traveled or the need to just not be where I was for a bit but y’all I went to Mobile for one reason and one reason only – I had to get the eff out.

I found myself urgently looking to book a little AirBNB on Old Government Street and just go. It was just what I needed. I packed up a copy of Rick Bragg’s My Southern Journey and my pup Roux and hit the I-10. Below, you’ll find my (all too personal) travel recommendations for anyone heading to Mob-town in the near future. I highly recommend it. Travels in the South are always, ALWAYS, good for the soul.

Dominique Ellis | Bragg Mitchell Mansion | Mobile, AL

Treat Your Self

Carpe Diem – I practically lived here in high school and I’m happy to report it hasn’t changed a bit. The coffee cafe, which roasts its beans in-house, is located in an old historic home and is always filled with co-eds from Springhill, business folks and friends catching up.

Dumbwaiter Restaurant – Located in downtown Mobile on Dauphin Street, this is the site of the pecan crusted fried chicken and butternut squash ravioli in an onion and maple soubise that made me want to cry. The point is, give it a try y’all.

Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe – I used to come here after school all the time. If you’re looking for a blast from the past in a simpler time, complete with a triple scoop cone to top it off, this is the place for you. They’ve been loading up Mobilians with a sugar high since 1956.

Dew Drop Inn – Two words: greasy spoon. Get the cheese burger. Claiming the spot of Mobile’s oldest restaurant the joint also is also rumored to top Jimmy Buffet’s official list of his favorite Cheeseburgers in Paradise (no joke).

Dumbwaiter Restaurant | Dominique Ellis | Mobile, AL

Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe | Dominique Ellis | Mobile, AL


See & Do

Atchison Home – Looking for interior inspiration? Look no further than this design showroom and antique shop. Located in a sweeping and gorgeous old warehouse, the 4 floor store houses wonderful looks that mix-match old and new. My favorite are the top two floors though where they house some of the best antiques around.

Bienville Square – Need a break? Grab a bench in the beautiful downtown Bienville Square and watch the city pass you by as you work. The city recently put in a free wifi hotspot in the square so you can work from the park! Take in the facade of the Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception that faces the square and then pop in to see one of the best church naves this side of the Mississippi.

Drive The Bayway – Fancy a trip over to picturesque Fairhope (worth it)? Then hop on one of my favorite drives – the bridge stretching over Mobile Bay. You can stop and check out the USS Alabama, eat at Felix’s Fish Camp and check out one of the most gorgeous sites in the Gulf Coast. The bay never ceases to please and you’ll soon feel you’re on your way to a seaside paradise.

Atchinson Home | Dominique Ellis | Mobile, AL

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