How to work from home and not lose your mind

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A while back, we had a guest post from Sarah Becker Llillard on how to work from home and stay productive. Recently I’ve started working from home as well and have had to come up with a few additional rules to keep myself from turning into an isolated zombie everyday (it’s happened before). Here’s what I’ve come up ...

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Tips for Working from the Road

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Let’s face it, sometimes you have to take the show on the road. The good news is that as more and more business can be done remotely there’s no reason you can’t turn that work trip into an enjoyable, advantageous excursion that’ll feed your bottom line and your soul. So how can you schedule meetings, ...

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Welcome to the first installment of our newest series – Ask An Entrepreneur. We’ve polled an assortment of our favorite lady treps to discover what inspires them, what keeps them going, and the ups and downs of being your own boss. The goal of this series is to help budding entrepreneurs strike out on their ...

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Marketing Tips From Sherlock Holmes

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Here at ALH we aim to not only feature New Orleans’s most creative women but to help budding entrepreneurs make a successful go of it with tips and lessons learned along the way. Which brings me to this confession: I’m obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. Not only was I a very young devotee of Sir Arthur Conan ...

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Southern Manners and Social Media

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At the last Creative Collaborative meet-up I had a chat with a few lady entrepreneurs about how to utilize social media to improve your marketing while maintaining a personal touch. Being from the South, it’s important to me to ensure that everyone feels  like they’re getting the friends and family treatment. How’s it done? Listen ...

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Bayou Cribs: In shared workspace Beta, design fuels creativity

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*This article originally appeared on Silicon Bayou News.   When it comes to shared workspaces, should form follow function? Or can design and form actually fuel innovation and creativity? That question is being answered right here in downtown New Orleans, on the second floor of the Maritime Building. Beta, which is owned and operated by local architecture ...

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Help Me Help You: A Digital Marketer’s Plea

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*This post originally appeared on Talent Zoo’s Beneah The Brand blog.   It’s one of the great scenes in Jerry Maguire. We all know it. Jerry is standing there in the locker room, at his wits’ end, begging a towel-clad football player to please for the love of God just give him something to work with. ...

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The #1 Way To Ruin Your Brand

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*This post originally appeared on Talent Zoo’s Beneah The Brand blog.   It’s a fact; branding is always changing. With the consistent innovation of technology and new ways to reach a target audience, the rules are constantly evolving. Your brand is about more than fancy logos and slogans. It’s about the personality of your company. When ...

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Bolster Your Brand With Gratitude

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*This post originally appeared on Talent Zoo’s Beneah The Brand blog.   “Thank you.” It’s a simple enough term of endearment and one that companies have long sought to incorporate into their branding strategies. Thanking customers for their patronage is nothing new, but as more companies include social media into their business plans, they’re looking for ...

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The Rules Of Branding

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*This post originally appeared on Talent Zoo’s Beneah The Brand blog.   Branding. It’s what smart businesses do when taking their marketing to the next level is the order of the day. Whether developed in-house or through an agency, crafting a public image and personality for a company is a vital step on the road ...

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